Taking stock

Our plan for 2016 was to take every job we fancied that came along, and we’ve had some great times serving up meatballs to appreciative customers over the last few months. A few dodgy decisions and some bad luck means we haven’t always been in the right place at the right time but we graciously accepted the rough with the smooth!

As part of our plan, we also promised ourselves we would take a breath towards the end of the year, reflect on what’s gone well and what didn’t quite work out  – and use this to form our plan for 2017.  So here goes…… Continue reading


Busy with balls!

Dearie me, can’t believe it’s been so long since our last post – but we’ve not been idle, honest!

Since our last update, Laura has had her birthday and matching BBQ (and is now back at uni in Glasgow), Kirstie graduated and has just started her first “proper” job (sadly for us, this has taken her to the other end of the country) and we have a fair few festivals and events under our belts. Oh, and the fabulous wedding of one very social media-savvy Border Terrier’s  lovely humans 🙂  dsc_0315

Most of the summer passed without incident – if we discount the fiasco that was Foodies Festival, that is.  We’re almost over it, so we won’t talk about it here – suffice to say, we won’t be making a return visit!

The wedding at Pollockshields Burgh Hall was most definitely a highlight.  Sadly, the homeward journey is one we’ll remember for a long time – for all the wrong reasons. Let’s just say Belle’s contrary windscreen wipers excelled themselves. And there was the small detail of being locked out of the house when we got home at 12:30am  – not even a car key between us. Had it not been for our lovely next door neighbour, we would have  had to spend the night in Belle locked up in our garage – thank you Lesley, for being a light sleeper and coming to the rescue!

In our second summer of trading, we were making a few return visits – and they didn’t disappoint. The airshow at East Fortune was a lovely day, and we were able to see a bit more of the show this time, Peebles Highland Games was another great day out and Belle gained some new admirers at the Bo’ness Hill Climb Revival.

Alongside the various events, we’ve also kept up regular appearances at Fountainbridge Streetfood Fridays where we’re enjoying getting to know the regulars and at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market where we’re now picking up more and more of our supplies.

As the nights draw in, we have a few visits to the Pitt to look forward to, we’re very excited about a wedding later this month, and delighted to be catering for a  special birthday party too.

Enough for now!  We will do our very best to fit in another couple of updates before the end of the year.





Full on Flat Out!

What a lot of new experiences May provided for team Flat Out!

There were a couple of trips to Glasgow pelting along the M8 to offer our meatballs to the good people of Broomielaw. It’s a long way to Glasgow from Edinburgh at 45mph – and who knew there was so much to see?!!

DSC_0114_3 We were very excited to be feeding guests of the Tour Series when it visited Edinburgh – it was a very busy wee night, but great fun, and what a lovely bunch of people we met. The night almost ended in disaster as Belle ran over the steel toecaps of the kind man who was helping steer us backwards out of the hospitality area, and a broken indicator meant hand signals all the way home! Continue reading

What happened to Spring?!

Our last post suggested Spring was on it’s way – 2 months on and we’re still pulling on our thermals for a stint in the van. The good news is Bob can now bend down to pull on his own thermals –  so that’s progress!

After a quiet start to the year, the last couple of months have been busy ones and the next couple are too. All good news for any wee business, of course.

We continue to enjoy our visits to the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on Castle TerrScreen Shot 2016-05-03 at 21.56.28.pngace. We’ve been made to feel very welcome there, despite a wee incident involving our stainless steel chimney and an overhead electric cable. We’re getting to know a few of the regular visitors to the market and always enjoy a blether with the tourists.

We were very excited to be involved in the launch of Fountainbridge Street Food Fridays  Local residents and office workers embraced the idea and we’re hoping that this wee market will go from strength to strength. Continue reading

Spring is in the air

Is it just us, or is it beginning to feel like Spring might be arriving sometime soon?  It’s definitely a thought that makes the daffodils-jpgconcept of street food seem appealing once more! And nearly 3 weeks after his op, the spring is beginning to return to Bob’s step – he’ll be back with his blethering in no time at all!

There was no sign of Spring on Saturday at Morningside Farmer’s Market – after an optimistic early morning tweet about a patch of blue sky, the heavens opened and the rain didn’t really stop for the remainder of the day!   It didn’t dampen Sandra’s enthusiasm though – with the moral support  (and outstanding banksman-ship, if that’s a word)  of a friendly co-pilot, Sandra drove Belle for the first time.  The achievement of getting to the market carried her through the day. There is no need to dwell on the fact that it is only a mile from home! Continue reading

Recuperation and Experimentation!

So, Bob’s had his op, all went well – with the added bonus that he was able to donate his bone to be available when someone less fortunate might need it. Who knew?!

He’s recuperating at home now, following his exercise regime faithfully, and having a breath of fresh air  and wee walk every day with the help of two sticks.

With no flatbread making going on, Sandra has free rein in the kitchen and so there’s a fair bit of experimenting going on.

First up was marmalade – a labour of love if ever there was one, but well worth the effort. The marmalade Scotch pancakes went down a treat at Edinburgh Far12547418_483121338526458_1666376052_nmers’ Market.  Talking of pancakes, we’re really keen to have some gluten free options on the menu, particularly in the morning before the flatbreads are flying! We were quite delighted with our Shrove Tuesday efforts and will definitely be featuring these on the menu. 12530974_1601754446808602_3560068_n(1)


Beetroot seems to a favourite ingredient at the moment and so far, we’ve tried 3 different balls. The arancini with their goat’s cheese middle are hard to beat but the beetroot and blackbean balls with lemon mayo are giving them a run for their money!

Next week, Sandra will be venturing to the local Morningside Market without Bob – watch this space!




Flat Out Hip (H)op!

January is always a bit dreich in Scotland – not a lot of daylight around, never mind sunshine, and having overindulged over the festive season, it’s a month of living quietly, maybe even frugally!

Flat Out at castle terreaceBut this year, January got off to a great start for us with a place at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market in Castle Terrace. With the backdrop of the castle, it’s a fantastic location, and there’s a great selection of lovely fresh produce on offer from the various stalls.  Belle has been given a spot at the end of the row when she’s there – our mornings are so much easier when there’s minimum manoeuvering required. Our plan is to be there the 2nd and 4th Saturday in every month

Having said that, February brings a new challenge as Bob will be quite literally flat out from early in the month as he has his right hip replaced – years as a cricket bowler in his youth has sadly taken its toll.  That will put him out of action for a couple of months, but with the help of some kind friends, we’re aiming to take our place at most of our usual markets.  Sandra’s even had a wee go at driving the beautiful Belle, and only stalled 3 times in the space of 200 metres!

We have everything crossed that things will go smoothly for Bob (everything crossed except legs – that’s bad for hips!) and he’ll make a speedy recovery.   We’re taking a couple of weeks off so that Sandra is on hand to help Bob in the early days post op.  Then Sandra and Belle will be heading to the usual spots  – we’ll be tackling Morningside on 20th February and hope to get to Castle Terrace on 27th.  We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we’re busy taking bookings for the summer months – if you’d like us along to a party or event you’re running, please get in touch soon!