Counting down

Things are geVan with ashleytting tense in the Flat Out house, as our van makes its way to Ashley at Tudor Catering for the kitchen fit out. While there, it’s also going to a have respray – the result of a wee misunderstanding with the nice men in Bradford, oops!

Kitchen layout is going to be crucial to the smooth operation behind the counter, and therefore seamless service for our customers, so even the smallest decisions are weighing us down. Not sure why – it will no doubt be chaos to start with, regardless of which direction the spout of the water boiler is facing! Yes, that’s the kind of thing that’s keeping us awake at night. That, and things like – will we ever have any customers, will we make any money, and will we need to sell the house to cover the cost of this madness in 6 months time. We’re def sweating the large with the small!

Next big worry is timing, and will we find someone to bring the van all the way to Edinburgh at a decent price, and in time for the much-talked-about “open house” in April, eek! We would like at least one practice run in a lonely lay-by somewhere , even if it’s just to get the hang of not bumping into each other every time we move. Hoping all these ballroom dancing lessons will come in handy!

Stay tuned for some pictures of the work in progress that holds the key to our future!


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