It’s been a while…

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been really busy getting Belle up and running. There have been a few obstacles along the way – the small matter of the “forgotten” oven, finding an oven that could be retro fitted, ordering an oven to find they no longer make that oven, findingDSC_0867 another oven, and then finding a man to fit the oven – and that’s just the oven!!

We were delighted to be introduced to Jack who rejigged the gas pipes and arranged for our new oven to be fully fitted into the only space available- and  now it looks like it’s been there forever!

Then there was the generator – finding one that didn’t make too much noise, didn’t require us to take out a second mortgage, and then, thrown in at the last minute, didn’t run on petrol, was our next challenge.   It was a very happy day when our sparkly new LPG-converted silenced generator roared into action for the first time. It was a very unhappy day when we tried it out again, a week before our first booking, and were rewarded with silence. We endured a stressful few days waiting for it to be collected for repair and then returned. But return it did, and once again, the tiger-purr of a working generator created mega watt smiles all round. Now we’re ready!!


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