We’re here!

P1020292A big thanks to MarketCraft for our first gig – a Scottish Gas/Centrica charity event in Bo’ness raising money for Shelter.  All in all, a good day for Flat Out-  quieter than we hoped for, but we had good fun, it was really useful experience for the new team, and great to make a contribution to such a good cause.

We took away a few lessons from the day which might be helpful if you’re thinking of setting up your own mobile food business (then again, you might have had them covered already!) :

  • Don’t fill the bain marie with water then drive 20 miles – yes, the floor of the van was sparkly clean on arrival on site, but to be honest it was already sparkly clean when we left home
  • Don’t drive an additional round trip of 40 miles cos you forgot the coffee – especially when you’re parked right next to a van that’s specialising in, eh, coffee
  • Always check that the drain pipes from your sinks are heading in to the waste water container – but if that’s too difficult to think about , make sure your shoes are waterproof!

Just a few of the things that we’re working on getting right for next time 🙂


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