What a summer that was!

The summer of 220150816_130727-300x169015 will go down in history as the summer the sun didn’t shine in Edinburgh, and on a more personal note, the one when we didn’t sit down!

We were amazed and delighted to have the chance to have a spot on Edinburgh’s George Street during the festival. We had great neighbours in Harajuku Kitchen, Fresh Revolution and the  paella boys from Portobello, and actually, the sun did make a guest appearance on a couple of occasions, creating a lovely little foody courtyard in the heart of the city.

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Up and running!

It’s been a cold, wet summer in and around Edinburgh this year, but it certainly hasn’t been dull here at Flat Out!

Our first big event was Scotland’s National Airshow – what a day that was!  We were literally flat out all day – some of us didn’t even get a chance to see the incredible display by the Red Arrows (we saw pictures later!).

Our meairplane buntingatballs were flying across the serving hatch for several hours before we sadly ran out around 3pm. We learnt a lot that day and were delighted to have the opportunity as a new business at such a prestigious event.

The markets in Morningside and Penicuik operate at a slower pace and we love the chance to spend a bit more time with customers – Belle catches the eye, and Bob swoops in with the chat!

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