We were very excited in the run up to the end of the year, with our very own take on a Christmas dinner on the menu. With a 3 day event at the beautiful Glamis Castle in December, we spent many hours preparing our version of a festive feast in a flatbread  – turkey breast with pork, sage, onion and apple stuffing balls, cranberry and onion chutney, a sprinkling of shredded sprouts and a splash of gravy. Very delicious though we say so ourselves!

collage-1451838853846Our 3 day adventure coincided with the temporary closure of the Forth road bridge, so it was a long 3 hour drive for Belle, and a 4 hour round trip in the car each day. Bob wisely decided on a sleep over at Glamis on the final evening so he could drive Belle home in daylight hours. The best laid plans….. a malfunction of the windscreen wipers necessitated a stop just 30 miles from home, a 4 hour wait in the freezing cold and eventually a ride home on the back of a rescue truck for Belle (thankfully, Bob had a seat in the warm cab of said truck!) Safe to say, we were all exhausted and welcomed a break!

Since then, we’ve had a bit of time to reflect on our first 6 months as
Flat Out. On the whole, we really have had a ball; we’ve met lovely people, learned loads, had lots of fun in the kitchen trying out new recipes, and have loved the challenge of getting Belle ready for action. Everything we’ve done has been “the first time” and there are definitely things we’ll do differently  – and hopefully better – “the next time”.   And we are very much looking forward to the year ahead!

Bob is due a new hip very soon, and until we know exactly when that will happen, we can’t make any grand plans for the first quarter of 2016. But we’re aiming to continue with our regular market slots throughout his convalescence and there are already some exciting things in the diary for April and beyond.


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