Flat Out Hip (H)op!

January is always a bit dreich in Scotland – not a lot of daylight around, never mind sunshine, and having overindulged over the festive season, it’s a month of living quietly, maybe even frugally!

Flat Out at castle terreaceBut this year, January got off to a great start for us with a place at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market in Castle Terrace. With the backdrop of the castle, it’s a fantastic location, and there’s a great selection of lovely fresh produce on offer from the various stalls.  Belle has been given a spot at the end of the row when she’s there – our mornings are so much easier when there’s minimum manoeuvering required. Our plan is to be there the 2nd and 4th Saturday in every month

Having said that, February brings a new challenge as Bob will be quite literally flat out from early in the month as he has his right hip replaced – years as a cricket bowler in his youth has sadly taken its toll.  That will put him out of action for a couple of months, but with the help of some kind friends, we’re aiming to take our place at most of our usual markets.  Sandra’s even had a wee go at driving the beautiful Belle, and only stalled 3 times in the space of 200 metres!

We have everything crossed that things will go smoothly for Bob (everything crossed except legs – that’s bad for hips!) and he’ll make a speedy recovery.   We’re taking a couple of weeks off so that Sandra is on hand to help Bob in the early days post op.  Then Sandra and Belle will be heading to the usual spots  – we’ll be tackling Morningside on 20th February and hope to get to Castle Terrace on 27th.  We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we’re busy taking bookings for the summer months – if you’d like us along to a party or event you’re running, please get in touch soon!





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