Recuperation and Experimentation!

So, Bob’s had his op, all went well – with the added bonus that he was able to donate his bone to be available when someone less fortunate might need it. Who knew?!

He’s recuperating at home now, following his exercise regime faithfully, and having a breath of fresh air  and wee walk every day with the help of two sticks.

With no flatbread making going on, Sandra has free rein in the kitchen and so there’s a fair bit of experimenting going on.

First up was marmalade – a labour of love if ever there was one, but well worth the effort. The marmalade Scotch pancakes went down a treat at Edinburgh Far12547418_483121338526458_1666376052_nmers’ Market.  Talking of pancakes, we’re really keen to have some gluten free options on the menu, particularly in the morning before the flatbreads are flying! We were quite delighted with our Shrove Tuesday efforts and will definitely be featuring these on the menu. 12530974_1601754446808602_3560068_n(1)


Beetroot seems to a favourite ingredient at the moment and so far, we’ve tried 3 different balls. The arancini with their goat’s cheese middle are hard to beat but the beetroot and blackbean balls with lemon mayo are giving them a run for their money!

Next week, Sandra will be venturing to the local Morningside Market without Bob – watch this space!





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