Spring is in the air

Is it just us, or is it beginning to feel like Spring might be arriving sometime soon?  It’s definitely a thought that makes the daffodils-jpgconcept of street food seem appealing once more! And nearly 3 weeks after his op, the spring is beginning to return to Bob’s step – he’ll be back with his blethering in no time at all!

There was no sign of Spring on Saturday at Morningside Farmer’s Market – after an optimistic early morning tweet about a patch of blue sky, the heavens opened and the rain didn’t really stop for the remainder of the day!   It didn’t dampen Sandra’s enthusiasm though – with the moral support  (and outstanding banksman-ship, if that’s a word)  of a friendly co-pilot, Sandra drove Belle for the first time.  The achievement of getting to the market carried her through the day. There is no need to dwell on the fact that it is only a mile from home!

This seems to be a crucial time in the calendar for event organisers – and for those of us hoping to feed their visitors.  We’re delighted to see the application forms coming in and some have already been converted to bookings. We have some really  exciting days out lined up for this year already – keep an eye on the dates shown on this page and on our Facebook page.

This weekend, Sandra will be behind the wheel again, and Belle will take up her spot in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market. This is quickly becoming a favourite of Belle’s, and we’re looking forward to regular visits over the coming months.


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