Full on Flat Out!

What a lot of new experiences May provided for team Flat Out!

There were a couple of trips to Glasgow pelting along the M8 to offer our meatballs to the good people of Broomielaw. It’s a long way to Glasgow from Edinburgh at 45mph – and who knew there was so much to see?!!

DSC_0114_3 We were very excited to be feeding guests of the Tour Series when it visited Edinburgh – it was a very busy wee night, but great fun, and what a lovely bunch of people we met. The night almost ended in disaster as Belle ran over the steel toecaps of the kind man who was helping steer us backwards out of the hospitality area, and a broken indicator meant hand signals all the way home!

Belle at tweedloveMore cycling at the Tweedlove Expo in Peebles – we love Peebles. For some reason we have in our heads that everywhere we go in Belle takes an hour and a half minimum. How delightful to be in Peebles in less than 40 minutes!  Lots of fit people on bicycles enjoyed our meatballs – and the fantastic pizzas from the Big Blu.

Girls are home from uni – KP potentially forever as she’s finished now, and LP for the summer. Great to have extra pairs of hands on the busy days – and it’s so nice that the girls enjoy their new weekend “hobby”!

We’ve been keeping the first weekend of the month free and so we’re heading off for a few days on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Can’t quite bring ourselves to believe the weather forecast – but the suncream is packed just in case.   We’ll be back to a full-on schedule of LP birthday BBQ, KP graduation, Crail Food Festival and Edinburgh Canal festival. Alongside out regular slots at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market and Fountainbridge Fridays. Eek, Flat Out indeed!


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