Taking stock

Our plan for 2016 was to take every job we fancied that came along, and we’ve had some great times serving up meatballs to appreciative customers over the last few months. A few dodgy decisions and some bad luck means we haven’t always been in the right place at the right time but we graciously accepted the rough with the smooth!

As part of our plan, we also promised ourselves we would take a breath towards the end of the year, reflect on what’s gone well and what didn’t quite work out  – and use this to form our plan for 2017.  So here goes……

The truth is, our commitment to making everything from scratch, using local suppliers  as much as we can, and our determination to give good value for money  – well, sadly, we can’t sustain it.  There is no doubt there other local street food traders taking the same path and making it work – but most likely , and we hate to admit this, they also have youth on their side, and probably some formal chef-y training too!

It was always our intention to have our own pitch for Belle,  where we could tootle along, offering tea, coffee and wee treats alongside our meatballs and flatbreads. But there were just too many hurdles in our way to make this a reality. Hence our plan for 2016 – and we’ve loved it! But it isn’t our dream, and our concept doesn’t lend itself to mass production – just ask Bob how long it takes to make 100 flatbreads!  On top of that, as our family circumstances change, free time at weekends is becoming increasingly important to us.

dsc_0686-2So what’s next? Well, Bob can now properly enjoy a well earned retirement and give more time to new projects with Edinburgh Zoo where he is a volunteer. Sandra goes back to an office job and looks forward to the return of nail polish and perfume!  We’re looking for a new home for Belle and can offer her new owner everything they need to get on the road. Weekends will be given over to catching up with family and friends and hopefully, holidays can extend to more than 3 days at a time.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 18 months,  to the new friends we’ve made and to everyone who has stopped by to taste our food or just to say hello. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. I am sad to hear that …am sure that you have thought it through and are doing what is right for you . It was lovely to have met you both and hopefully we can keep in touch xxx Isabella ( Daizy Delicious )


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